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  Crane Rebuilding Services AND Crane Boom Repair

Call us for a quotation to rebuild your crane. The following is a partial list of services we can provide for American friction cranes:

  • Machine un-decked
  • Machinery deck to be stripped - all new bushings
  • Load and hook rollers removed and serviced as necessary
  • Swing assembly removed, disassembled, new bearings and seals installed, new clutch linings installed
  • Swing brake serviced
  • Independent swing serviced
  • Main drum assembly removed, disassembled, serviced as necessary
  • Boom hoist removed, disassembled, serviced as necessary
  • Boom hoist cutoff serviced
  • Boom refurbished as necessary
  • Lower machinery to be checked and adjustments made - refurbish as necessary (pins, tumblers, rollers, pads, sprockets, etc.)
  • All new air lines throughout, new bearings and seals in upper Engine removed and rebuilt by 3rd party engine specialist
  • Torque converter removed and serviced
  • Primary drive (chain case) removed and inspected as necessary
  • Retractable a-frame inspected as necessary
  • Sheet metal/cab refurbished or replaced (as necessary)
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • Gauges/instrumentation inspected and replaced (as necessary)

If you do not have a crane suitable for rebuild, we can locate a machine in order to provide a "work ready" rebuild crane package. 






We offer Crane Boom repair. All repairs are available with 3rd Party OSHA Inspection



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